Plug & Play Support

Plug & Play Support Workshop


1 or 2 days depending on needs
Workshop on-site and Webinar available

Build on your knowledge of CMC:eSuite with this Plug & Play support workshop. Designed for users who already have experience of using CMC:Suite, this workshop will provide you with the additional knowledge needed to tailor CMC:eSuite to your exact needs.

When you have completed this workshop you will be able to:

  • Apply best practice to system operation
  • Organize daily process activities
  • Trouble shoot the system with ease
  • Analyse and recover data from the system
  • Adjust the system to the exact needs of your environment
  • Optimise data visualisation and data quality
  • Clarify interface details and improve data quality

Interested in learning how to tailor cmc:Esuite to your exact needs?

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