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Interview with Andriy Zakharevych, Product Manager at b-next: Innovating the Compliance Landscape

Interested in getting to know more about b-next’s leading role in developing innovative solutions for the compliance landscape? We had the opportunity to interview Andriy Zakharevych, Product Manager at b-next, who shares insights into the unique benefits of their products and how they address the challenges of today’s compliance landscape. Hello Andriy, what added value […]

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Interview with Kristin Dickhausen, Sales and Marketing Operations Manager at b-next

Join us for an in-depth conversation with Kristin Dickhausen from b-next as she offers profound insights into the realm of financial compliance. With a career spanning six years and experience in capital markets surveillance, Kristin shares her journey, strategies for staying ahead in a dynamic industry, and invaluable advice for aspiring professionals. Tell us about […]

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SEC Approves Crypto Product

Written by Katie Pollock Regulatory Landmark Earlier this month, the Securities and Exchange Commission in the US (“SEC”) approved the first-ever spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds, offering investors exposure to the world’s largest cryptocurrency without directly holding it. This approval came signposted with the regulator’s skepticism towards cryptocurrencies, and the general belief this market is still […]

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The Evolving Global Regulatory Landscape of Trading

Written by Katie Pollock It is no secret that financial services firms globally are experiencing difficulty keeping pace with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape and increase in enforcement, which has had an impact on the day-to-day workload of most employees. Regulators globally have sent strong messages to financial institutions operating manipulative trading practices. In the most […]

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Interview with b-next Chief Technology Officer Dmytro Berdnik: Driving Innovation in the World of Compliance

At b-next, innovation is not just a buzzword; it’s a core philosophy that drives us to stay at the forefront of the compliance industry. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with our Chief Technology Officer, Dmytro Berdnik, to discuss the role of innovation in shaping our solutions and the evolving landscape of technology […]

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Interview with Wolfgang Fabisch, CEO of b-next

Meet Wolfgang Fabisch, the CEO of b-next, and gain exclusive insights into the vision and future of b-next. In this captivating interview, Mr. Fabisch discusses our company’s remarkable journey, the developments in the compliance industry, and what sets b-next apart from other market players. What is your vision for b-next? Where do you see b-next […]

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