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Software specialist b-next reports fiscal year 2019 results

Photograph: b-next New key accounts, a solid foundation for future operations and innovative solutions: The b-next management board reports that the software developer hailing from Herford, Germany, is looking back on a successful business year 2019. Such a year-end result is anything but a matter of course in an industry as competitive as the software […]

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Software-Spezialist b-next schließt das Geschäftsjahr 2019 erfolgreich ab

Foto: b-next Neue Großkunden, stabile Basis, innovative Lösungen. Auch für das Jahr 2019 kann die Geschäftsführung des Herforder Softwarespezialisten b-next ein positives Ergebnis vorweisen. Und das ist alles andere als selbstverständlich. Denn kaum eine andere Branche ist so hart umkämpft wie der Software-Sektor. „Der Markt wird unaufhörlich von Innovationen getrieben, die in immer kürzeren Abständen […]

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b-next Group is strengthening the management team and making further preparations for its continued business growth

Herford, London, Lviv, New York 8 April 2019, b-next holding AG is pleased to announce that, with immediate effect, the Supervisory Board has appointed Mr. Stefan Queck and Mrs. Olesja Pauls as additional members of the Executive Board. Wolfgang Fabisch, the former sole member of the Executive Board and company founder, assumes the position of […]

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Quarterly Energy Working Groups of b-next are a big success

As preparations begin for its sixth Energy Working Group, b-next is proud to announce that Energy Working Groups are becoming an integral part of its overall ethos. The Working Groups are held on a quarterly basis in conjunction with our quarterly release cycles, typically hosted on site by one of our prestigious partners or customers. […]

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How can you tackle crypto-currency fraud and market abuse on blockchains?

The blockchain revolution is developing rapidly and is garnering significant interest in the financial sector. However, a lack of regulation or standards leaves blockchains exposed to market manipulation. Read our paper on how blockchain surveillance can be achieved and how blockchain “safe” areas can be identified, protecting participants from market abuse. The whitepaper is available […]

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b-next illuminates Tradetech 2018

Paris, France 27 April 2018, the celebrated ‘city of light’ and enlightenment played host to over 1000 senior equity trading professionals, who gathered in Paris on 25th and 26th April to debate and network at Tradetech 2018. Sponsoring Tradetech for a second successive year, b-next’s experts were available to discuss the latest advances in bitcoin […]

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