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Can you afford to overlook the total cost of compliance?

Can you afford to overlook the total cost of compliance? As participants in global financial markets navigate stormy economic conditions, not a day goes by without news of increasing interest rates and costs. Inflationary pressure and escalating expenses may tempt participants to overlook the long term cost of compliance in favour of short-term fixes. However, […]

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How do you solve the compliance puzzle?

How do you solve the compliance puzzle? In a post-pandemic world, economic and geopolitical change, banking crises, cyber threats and volatile crypto markets, represent an ongoing challenge for compliance officers. Regulators including the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), are responding to this changing environment with increased regulatory […]

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b-next Demonstrates Commitment to Excellence with ISO 27001 Certification

Herford, August 15th 2023 – b-next, a specialist Capital Markets Trading Surveillance and Compliance solution provider, proudly announces its recent achievement of becoming a certified ISO 27001 company, marking a significant milestone in the realm of information security management. This certification underscores b-next’s unwavering dedication to upholding the highest standards in safeguarding valuable data and […]

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Adverse Media Screening (von Wolfgang Fabisch)

Vor vielen Jahren, als ich noch bei Reuters tätig war (lang, lang ist es her), kam der Marketingleiter zu mir: “Herr Fabisch, es wäre doch schrecklich, wenn in den Medien stünde, unsere Kekse machten impotent. Und ich wäre der Letzte, der davon erführe.” Das Problem war damit hinreichend und klar beschrieben. Er wollte überwachen, was […]

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