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Driving Compliance Forward: An Interview with Michael Hardy, Sales Executive at b-next

We had the opportunity to interview Michael Hardy, a dedicated Sales Executive at b-next, who shares his experiences and insights since joining the company in June 2023. Michael discusses the evolution of his role, the importance of building strong client relationships, and what sets b-next apart in the competitive compliance software market. Learn how b-next’s innovative solutions and commitment to meeting regulatory demands have positioned us as industry leaders, and get a glimpse into the future of compliance with the integration of AI technologies.

Could you share your journey with b-next and how your role asa Sales Executive has evolved over time?

“I joined b-next in June 2023, and my role has undergone significant changes since then. This position marked my first experience as a Sales Executive, having previously worked as a Sales Development Representative for four years. As is typical in small companies, I was immediately immersed in the deep end, managing the entire sales cycle from start to finish while learning about the b-next system. Initially, my primary focus was on upselling to existing customers. As I became more familiar with b-next, my focus shifted to building new business, encompassing both large enterprise accounts and smaller clients. As b-next has grown, I have collaborated with the team to develop training materials for onboarding new sales personnel.”

What key factors do you prioritize for fostering strong relationships with your clients in the compliance software market?

“For me, the key to fostering strong relationships is meeting in person. Since COVID, we have become extremely reliant on Zoom and Teams calls, which are great for improving efficiency. However, taking the time to meet clients and prospects in person will always be the best way to create and nurture strong relationships.”

From your perspective, what sets b-next apart in the industry, and how do you envision our solutions evolving to meet future market demands?

“Several factors set b-next apart in the industry. Our multi-tenant and modular system was one of the main reasons I joined b-next in the first place. Offering our customers the ability to fulfil multiple compliance needs within one system and one installation, while also rewarding them for using the system across multiple jurisdictions by significantly reducing the platform’s cost, is a unique and customer-friendly approach.

One of the main challenges compliance teams face in this industry is a severe lack of resources to meet ever-increasing regulatory scrutiny, and we provide a system that addresses this issue.

b-next has over 30 years of experience evolving with market demands, which also sets us apart, as most other compliance software providers haven’t been around for even ten years. I envision us leveraging AI to further reduce the time compliance officers spend on alert management and reporting, allowing businesses to focus their resources on generating revenue.”