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Protecting reputations in capital markets

Reputation matters, that is why we work relentlessly to protect our customers from the threat of market abuse.


  • Market abuse monitoring

    Identify complex, dangerous trends and suspicious trading patterns with CMC:Market Abuse.

  • Insider monitoring

    Empower your Compliance Officers with an overview of all trading activities within your organization by using CMC:Insider Compliance.

  • Cross market / asset class monitoring

    Meet regulatory mandates, manage risk and drive trading efficiencies in any market in the world, with our multi-venue, multi-asset class surveillance and compliance CMC:Suite solutions.

  • Quote monitoring

    Monitor quotes automatically and report any suspicious activity with CMC:Suite solutions.

  • OTC trade monitoring

    Monitor non-exchange OTC instruments alongside listed products, reducing operational risk and fulfilling regulatory requirements with CMC:TradeS.

  • Execution and order monitoring

    Manage best execution and reporting requirements effectively, while delivering optimized returns to your investors with CMC:Best Execution.

b-next‘s CEO Wolfgang Fabisch comments on:

Uber, Tesla, AI and the compliance officer per se

„Tragic fatal accidents happened at Uber and Tesla. Despite AI – certainly not because of AI.

Remember the 4.9 billion Euro disaster at SocGen? This also happened without AI, so no AI is not intrinsically an alternative.

AI can make the finance sector safer and can help Compliance and the Risk Manager equally well. AI will not be able to rule out tragic accidents in this area either – but they can be reduced in number.

We are working on it.“

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CMC:eSuite supports global banks, brokers, asset managers, exchanges, regulators and energy firms.

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