CMC:Best Execution

How can you manage best execution and optimize your returns?

Optimize profits and comply with MiFID II. CMC:Best Execution helps you manage best execution requirements while delivering optimized returns. This module automatically checks all your transactions against price, VWAP (volume-weighted average price), liquidity, speed, multiple venues, profitability, customer internal trading benchmarks, and more.

Main features

CMC:Best Executions offers the following functionality:

  • Meets MiFID II and other regulatory requirements for more in-depth analysis of where best execution was not met
  • Offers version management of policies
  • Creates best execution policy for specific customers/customer groups
  • Identifies the best venues for executing client orders
  • Reveals opportunities for improving trading systems/desks
  • Performs profitability and competitive analysis
  • Allows for more proactive management of customer requests, e.g. daily, monthly, and quarterly reports


Optimizes profit



Meets regulatory requirements



Identifies and remedies inefficient processes



Improves venue selection and execution strategies



Responds cost-effectively to market changes


11 price scenarios

Out of the box

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Powered by Refinitiv

b-next’s partnership with Refinitiv, formerly the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters, provides clients with unparalleled data capabilities to support trading surveillance.

Data capabilities include:

  • Machine Readable news, which delivers deep historical news archives and leading edge news analytics directly into CMC:Suite to seamlessly support surveillance.
  • Tick History, which offers superior coverage of complete, timely and global microsecond tick data for ongoing surveillance monitoring. Other capabilities include seamless integration of over 400 global cross-asset exchanges.