Robust surveillance software solutions

b-next is a specialist global provider of proven multi-venue, multi-asset class software solutions for Capital Markets Surveillance and Compliance. We support an expanding international customer base of financial institutions, investment managers, energy traders, trading venue operators, and supervisory authorities, helping them to meet regulatory mandates, manage risk and drive trading efficiencies.

How it works

Infographic CMC Suite


How can you protect your reputation and unify all your surveillance functions?

“Glass, china and reputation, are easily crack‘d, and never well mended,” said Benjamin Franklin, underscoring the fragility of a hard-earned reputation. His observation is as relevant now as it was centuries ago. Today, market abuse damages and threatens hard won reputations in the financial markets. b-next CMC:Foundation can help you to protect your organisation and your reputation in capital markets. It forms a dynamic structure for all application modules within the CMC platform. It unifies all surveillance functions and includes a comprehensive range of features designed to embed high performance, flexibility and scalability within your surveillance system.

Open Dashboard

How can you visualize compliance risks intuitively?

Modern, intuitive visualizations make CMC:Open Dashboard a powerful, efficient, and easy-to-handle solution for all fields of capital markets compliance. The solution provides a fast, improved overview of all compliance-relevant risks and trading activities. Flexibility is also built-in via a configurator, which allows you to create bespoke scenario views, smart alerts, plus intuitive charts and tables with drill-down capabilities. This makes CMC:Open Dashboard powerful as well as configurable, yet simple and easy to use.

Compliance Portal

How can you embed a culture of compliance within your business?

Our Compliance Portal is a powerful tool for recording and accessing business and trading activities subject to regulatory compliance. Its intuitive dashboard allows users to view, log and approve activities quickly, simply and securely, making it easy for employees to collaborate seamlessly wherever they are. The Portal provides you with a comprehensive overview of compliance within your business units and a means of notifying and escalating incidences of non-compliance to b-next’s Global Control Room (GCR).

Key Features of the CMC:Suite

  • Multi-tenant configuration
  • Standard interfaces
  • Multi-asset classes
  • Standard analysis scenarios
  • Integrated workflows
  • Integrated report repository
  • Integrated security functions
  • Multi-language
  • Tamper-proof audit trail
  • System backup environment
  • Data and result history archive
Global Control Room Background

CMC:Global Control Room

As regulation tightens, the pressure on global financial institutions to monitor worldwide capital markets activities and maintain group-wide compliance oversight increases. This includes watch list and insider list management, along with monitoring and analysis of trading activity and management of information barrier-crossing. Now, b-next GCR (Global Control Room) provides near-time reporting, graphical display and advanced analysis, plus management of compliance issues group-wide. This vital tool provides a sophisticated, integrated graphical display that aggregates the results of surveillance scenarios with accuracy and at-a-glance convenience.

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CMC:Blockchain Surveillance

The blockchain revolution is developing rapidly and is garnering significant interest in the financial sector. However, a lack of regulation or standards leaves the blockchain exposed to fraud. b-next CMC:Blockchain Surveillance allows you to monitor fraudulent activity on the blockchain by generating alerts on trading frequencies, holding periods and watchlist/restricted lists. Its blockchain rating engine also helps market participants find the most reliable entities on the blockchain. Its unique algorithm analyses blockchain traffic to map the bitcoin network and identify blockchain “safe” areas, protecting blockchain participants from market abuse.

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CMC:Market Abuse

“The age of irresponsibility is over,” said Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England. A free ride on your valuable reputation cannot be tolerated. And, in the campaign against financial fraud, CMC:Market Abuse is your ally. It’s a powerful automated surveillance module that monitors attempted market abuse and market manipulation. It helps your institution to identify complex, dangerous trends and suspicious trading patterns. Integrated case and workflow management also help your compliance office to take early preventive actions, reducing the likelihood of regulatory sanctions and catastrophic control failures.

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Background Insider Compliance

CMC:Insider Compliance

Monitoring trading activities for insider dealing can be a complex and time consuming task. The CMC:Insider Compliance module monitors proprietary, customer and staff trading, empowering your Compliance Officers with an extensive view of all trading activities within your organization. The solution delivers some standard scenarios, each easily configurable according to your organization’s specific needs. CMC:Insider Compliance supports cost-efficient, timely management of insider alerts with intuitive, standardized workflows.

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Achieving consistency of transaction surveillance across your whole business can seem like an insurmountable task, but automated surveillance makes it easy to introduce uniform consistency and reliability. CMC:TradeS automates price surveillance for a wide range of securities, repo and lending, commodities, money market, FX, and listed and OTC derivatives transactions—whether for proprietary trading, customer trading or staff trades. Within the context of trading control, CMC:TradeS delivers a comprehensive universe of state-of-the-art check methods. Individually determined rules refine the automated checks, with many additional research and reporting functions. Flexible parameters allow easy and intuitive configuration of your specific requirements. Integrated standardized processing and workflow management help you to handle daily routine tasks quickly and efficiently.

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CMC:Conflicts of Interest

Early detection of Conflicts of Interest (COI) saves you time and money. CMC:COI is an automated solution that helps your institution to identify and manage conflicts of interest efficiently and in real time. The solution captures all potential COI across your entire corporate group structure and all of your lines of business. CMC:COI drives proactive identification of conflicts with your company policies at their early stages so that remedial measures can be taken. This system follows industry best practice and also allows flexible, customer-specific parameters.

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As the regulator’s gaze is drawn towards allegations of price rigging in the energy markets, the need for protection against this type of fraud becomes more urgent. CMC:Energy helps you to comply with REMIT (Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency / (EU) No 1227/2011) and meets the compliance operational requirements specified by ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) Guidelines as well as the MAR (Market Abuse Regulation) Mandate effective from July 2016. CMC:Energy delivers effective monitoring for fraudulent activities including Layering, Momentum Ignition, Marking the Fix and Price Ramping – all of which can abnormally influence the value of positions and benchmark pricing.

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CMC:Benchmark Fixing Surveillance

Scandals such as Libor rate rigging have not only resulted in nine-figure fines for large banks but have also prompted calls for more robust action to counter fraud in capital markets. A new drive towards improved risk management and surveillance capabilities has already begun. The CMC:Benchmark Fixing Surveillance module enables you to respond rapidly to manipulative benchmark fixing and to protect yourself and your business from regulatory sanctions and reputational damage.

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CMC:Best Execution

Optimizing your profit while complying with regulatory requirements of MiFID II and other mandates, is challenging and stretches costly resources. With CMC:Best Execution you can manage best execution requirements effectively, while delivering optimized returns to your investors. The module provides automated checking of all your transactions against price, VWAP (volume-weighted average price), liquidity, speed, multiple venues, profitability, customer internal trading benchmarks, and more. Measure the efficiency of your order execution processing and ensure that your firm’s stated best execution policy is always met, across all asset classes and trading venues.

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CMC:FX Benchmarking

How can you detect and protect against suspicious FX rate setting activities? FX rate rigging has tarnished the reputation of capital markets. Fines have been severe, and some individuals are even facing prison sentences for participating in this type fraud. The CMC:FX Benchmarking solution enables you to respond rapidly to manipulative price fixing and to protect yourself and your business from regulatory sanctions and reputational damage.

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The complexity of analysing transactions across multiple venues can be overwhelming. The CMC:Crossing application module reduces this complexity by automating analysis and prioritising ease of use. The module identifies trades which have been internally crossed and monitors for potential violations. From benchmark price movement and gaming, to unusual spread movements, the solution provides you with a comprehensive set of market crossing rules customized to your transactions and trading patterns. CMC:Crossing also checks crossed trades for potential market manipulation and fraud.

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Digital Communication Analytics

CMC:Digital Communication Analytics

Our new advanced digital communications analytics module incorporates Verint Speech Analytics and can help you to search and analyze voice call recordings by time frame, trader, counterparty and trader desk. This enhanced capability addresses the increased regulatory demand for trading and communications surveillance — especially as regulators across the globe align capital markets mandates and rules, and increase financial and criminal penalties for fraud and market abuse.

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