Robust surveillance software solutions

b-next is a specialist global provider of proven multi-venue, multi-asset class software solutions for Capital Markets Surveillance and Compliance. We help the sell-side and buy-side, as well as regulators and trading venue operators to comply with regulations, manage risk and drive trading efficiencies.


Today, market abuse damages and threatens hard won reputations in the capital markets. b-next CMC:Foundation helps to protect your organisation’s reputation. It unifies all surveillance functions and includes a comprehensive range of features designed to embed high performance, flexibility and scalability within your surveillance system.

Open Dashboard

Modern, intuitive visualizations make CMC:Open Dashboard a powerful, efficient, and simple solution for all fields of capital markets compliance.

Compliance Portal

Our Compliance Portal provides you with a comprehensive overview of compliance within your business units and a means of notifying and escalating incidences of non-compliance to b-next’s Global Control Room (GCR).

Key Features of the CMC:Suite

  • Multi-tenant configuration
  • Standard interfaces
  • Multi-asset classes
  • Standard analysis scenarios
  • Integrated workflows
  • Integrated report repository
  • Integrated security functions
  • Multi-language
  • Tamper-proof audit trail
  • System backup environment
  • Data and result history archive
Global Control Room Background

CMC:Global Control Room

The pressure to maintain group-wide compliance oversight is increasing. b-next GCR (Global Control Room) provides near-time reporting, graphical display and advanced analysis, plus management of compliance issues group-wide. This vital tool provides a sophisticated, integrated graphical display that aggregates the results of surveillance scenarios with accuracy and at-a-glance convenience.

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Blockchain background

CMC:Blockchain Surveillance

A lack of regulation or standards leaves blockchains exposed to fraud. b-next CMC:Blockchain Surveillance protects you by monitoring for fraudulent activity on blockchains. It generates alerts on trading frequencies, holding periods and watchlist/restricted lists to identify blockchain “safe” areas.

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CMC:Market Abuse

In the campaign against financial fraud, CMC:Market Abuse is your ally. It’s a powerful automated surveillance module that monitors attempted market abuse and market manipulation.

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Background Insider Compliance

CMC:Insider Compliance

Save time and reduce the complexity of trade surveillance with CMC:Insider Compliance. This module monitors proprietary, customer and staff trading, empowering your Compliance Officers with an extensive view of all trading activities within your organization.

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Introduce uniform consistency and reliability to your transaction surveillance easily. CMC:TradeS automates price surveillance for a wide range of securities, repo and lending, commodities, money market, FX, and listed and OTC derivatives transactions — whether for proprietary trading, customer trading or staff trades.

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conflicts of interest

CMC:Conflicts of Interest

Early detection of Conflicts of Interest (COI) saves you time and money. CMC:COI is an automated solution that helps your institution to identify and manage conflicts of interest efficiently and in real time.

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Allegations of price rigging have threatened the integrity of the energy markets. CMC:Energy complies with energy market regulations including REMIT and MAR. It delivers effective monitoring of fraudulent activities including Layering, Momentum Ignition, Marking the Fix and Price Ramping.

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benchmark fixing surveillance

CMC:Benchmark Fixing Surveillance

Rate rigging scandals have prompted a need for robust and reliable counter measures. CMC:Benchmark Fixing Surveillance helps you to respond rapidly to manipulative benchmark fixing and offers protection against regulatory sanctions and reputational damage.

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best execution

CMC:Best Execution

Optimize profits and comply with MiFID II. CMC:Best Execution helps you manage best execution requirements while delivering optimized returns. This module automatically checks all your transactions against price, VWAP (volume-weighted average price), liquidity, speed, multiple venues, profitability, customer internal trading benchmarks, and more.

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fx benchmarking

CMC:FX Benchmarking

How can you detect and protect against suspicious FX rate setting activities? FX rate rigging has tarnished the reputation of capital markets. CMC:FX Benchmarking enables you to respond rapidly to manipulative price fixing and protects you and your business from regulatory sanctions and reputational damage.

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Crossing Background Image


The complexity of analysing transactions across multiple venues can be overwhelming. The CMC:Crossing application module reduces complexity by automating analysis and prioritising ease of use. The module identifies trades which have been internally crossed and monitors for potential violations.

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Digital Communication Analytics

CMC:Digital Communication Analytics

Regulations such as MiFID II have increased requirements for communications surveillance. CMC:DCA incorporates Verint Speech Analytics so you can search and analyze voice call recordings by time frame, trader, counterparty and trader desk.

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