CMC:Blockchain Surveillance

How can you tackle crypto-currency fraud and market abuse on the blockchain?

A lack of regulation or standards leaves blockchains exposed to fraud. b-next CMC:Blockchain Surveillance protects you by monitoring for fraudulent activity on blockchains. It generates alerts on trading frequencies, holding periods and watchlist/restricted lists to identify blockchain “safe” areas.

Bitcoin Blockchain Surveillance

With CMC:Blockchain Surveillance you can protect yourself against fraud on the blockchain, while making transactions on the blockchain faster and safer.

Main features

CMC:Blockchain Surveillance offers the following functionality:

  • Monitoring of fraudulent activity on the blockchain
  • Alerting on trading frequencies, holding periods and watchlists/restricted lists
  • A Blockchain rating engine helps to find  the most reliable entities
  • A unique algorithm which analyses blockchain traffic
  • Mapping the bitcoin network and identifying  safe areas
  • Protection from crypto-currency fraud and market abuse

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