Management Team

Focusing our experience and insight on your goals

The b-next executive team brings you the benefit of senior, results-oriented professionals who have spent their careers at the forefront of compliance and risk management issues. We offer unique expertise, global perspective and our personalized commitment to minimize your risk and help you realize positive returns under all market conditions.

Wolfgang Fabisch

Co-Founder // CEO

Wolfgang Fabisch, as co-founder and CEO of b-next Group, has overall strategic and operational responsibility for its businesses. With over 25 years of professional and management experience in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) for the financial sector, he is a respected industry executive who regularly lectures on these topics. Before founding b-next in 1989, Mr Fabisch held senior positions at IBM and Reuters. He holds a university degree in business administration.

Stefan Queck

Business Development Manager

Stefan Queck is responsible for Business Development at b-next, where he leads product and customer initiatives. He joined b-next holdings in 2006, bringing a wealth of experience from a long and distinguished career at two prestigious German banking institutions. Since joining b-next he has played a key role in next-generation product development as well as the company’s international expansion. Mr Queck is a graduate in business management with an emphasis on banking.

Olesja Pauls

Chief Operating Officer

Olesja Pauls is responsible for ensuring the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s business activities. She has been with the b-next since January 2013, helping to develop and implement business strategies, plans and procedures. Her main responsibility is to set the right course for sustainable and profitable company growth. In addition to her role as COO, Olesja is in charge of talent management at b-next. She received her Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Optimization and Simulation from Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences in 2013.

Marco Pieren

Chief Financial Officer

Marco Pieren is responsible for managing the financial actions of b-next and sets financial strategy and policy for the business. He is responsible for safeguarding b-next’s assets, for growing the balance sheet and stockholder equity. Marco joins b-next following a career as an independent financial consultant. He has an MBA from Amersfoort University.