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Are you compliant with the latest regulations?

Across asset classes, across markets, can you detect suspicious trading activity? Are you compliant with the latest market regulations? New Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) could expose shortcomings in your compliance process. b-next can prepare you for regulatory change. We provide robust multi-venue, multi-asset class, Capital Markets Surveillance and Compliance software solutions to meet regulatory mandates, manage risk and drive trading efficiencies among brokers.


Are you prepared for increased regulatory scrutiny?

New Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) is tightening the pressure to ensure trading compliance regulations are met. With your hard won reputation at stake, a zero tolerance approach to market abuse offers optimum protection. B-next’s automated systems analyse complex data and information, providing alerts of suspicious activity that enable buy-side monitoring of all trading activity across assets and multiple trading systems.


Has your firm’s reputation been damaged by market manipulation?

Market abuse has no boundaries, is your firm’s reputation safe? b-next’s leading-edge trading and regulatory compliance solutions already provide investment banks with the robust tools you need to improve risk management and comply with the most stringent market regulations, so you can focus on growth and competitive success.


How comprehensive is compliance oversight across your business?

As public scrutiny of corporate governance and risk management intensifies, corporates must strive for a better global oversight of key compliance issues across all areas of their business. The superior risk management, proactive incident management and flexibility built into b-next’s solutions helps your firm to embrace a culture that strives to exceed the minimum regulatory requirements across the board.

Energy Markets

How can you protect your firm from price rigging?

b-next’s Capital Markets Compliance (CMC:Suite) solution meets the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) requirements for the Regulation on wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency (REMIT) regarding insider dealing and market abuse. CMC:Suite includes market manipulation monitoring functionality that identifies these fraudulent practices and alerts your compliance team when suspicious activity is detected.

Deployed at your premises or delivered as a managed solution. Both options offer rapid deployments with pre-built integration for Thomson Reuters intelligent market data and news. Its application in the energy markets is already well established.

Fixing Agents

How can you protect your benchmark against manipulation?

Manipulation of LIBOR and foreign exchange benchmarks has damaged the reputation of the financial markets. Automated surveillance tools can help benchmark administrators to identify and detect suspicious trading activity at or around the time of rate fixing. b-next’s CMC:Benchmark Fixing Surveillance solutions provide alert analysis including market data, covering global trading activity aggregating and analysing data from across all time zones, allowing for cross linking between all parts of a global institution.


How can you mitigate the risk of operating in volatile markets?

In today’s volatile markets, making sense of the complexity of data and relationships involved in trading is a challenge best performed by automated systems. b-next’s advanced market surveillance solutions offer you a means of analysing complex data to alert, monitor and report suspicious trading activity. Such automated systems can alert your compliance officers to fraudulent behaviour early on, mitigating risk by identifying suspicious situations based on a number of pre-defined scenarios.


How can you stay ahead of market manipulators?

In today’s interconnected capital markets, regulators have an increasingly challenging role balancing the needs of creating efficient markets with preventing systemic risk, delivering effective oversight, while staying one step ahead of the predators and practices that prey on investors.

Our specialists work with you on your unique and challenging requirements.