CMC:Conflicts of Interest

Can you identify and manage conflicts of interest in real time?

Early detection of Conflicts of Interest (COI) saves you time and money. CMC:COI is an automated solution that helps your institution to identify and manage conflicts of interest efficiently and in real time.

Main features

CMC:Conflicts of Interest (COI) offers the following functionality:

  • A Web-based front end eases event management
  • Pre-clearing functionalities check transactions for collisions with existing events
  • Collision Manager monitors and handles identified collisions


  • Reporting and Workflow Engine deals with potential conflicts
  • Hierarchy Designer maps compliance and reporting lines across the specific group structure
  • Business Rule designer creates user-specific collision rules




Improves control and management of COI



Allows early recognition of COI



Saves time and money by reducing the number of deals abandoned due to COI collision



Enables tamper-proof record-keeping



Fulfills statutory COI requirements and protects your firm's reputation


16 events

Out of the box

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