CMC:Market Abuse

How can you identify and monitor complex market abuse patterns?

In the campaign against financial fraud, CMC:Market Abuse is your ally. It’s a powerful automated surveillance module that monitors attempted market abuse and market manipulation.

Main features

CMC:Market Abuse offers the following functionality:

  • Meets the requirements of the ESMA MAD Mandate and the BaFin and FSA’s market conduct rules
  • Automatically checks trading activity against other trades, reference market data, instrument data, employee data and other information
  • Modifies and customizes checking procedures and parameters
  • Monitors potential Market Abuse across all trading venues and asset classes


  • Performs effective trend analysis and identification of complex market abuse patterns
  • Issues early warning alerts with replay functionality
  • Provides easy-to-understand and intuitive presentation of graphical abuse alerts


Responds quickly to regulatory changes



Reduces workload and costs



Proactive management of suspicious trends



Improves quality of market abuse monitoring



Improves risk management and compliance oversight


21 scenarios

Out of the box

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