CMC:Global Control Room

How can you monitor global capital markets activities and maintain compliance oversight?

As regulation tightens, the pressure on global financial institutions to monitor worldwide capital markets activities and maintain group-wide compliance oversight increases. This includes watch list and insider list management, along with monitoring and analysis of trading activity and management of information barrier-crossing. Now, b-next GCR (Global Control Room) provides near-time reporting, graphical display and advanced analysis, plus management of compliance issues group-wide. This vital tool provides a sophisticated, integrated graphical display that aggregates the results of surveillance scenarios with accuracy and at-a-glance convenience.

Main features

CMC:Global Control Room offers the following functionality:

  • Global Watch, restricted and Insider List management
  • Suggestion/approval function for new list entries from local compliance offices
  • Automatic check against global transactions
  • Manage group-wide crossing of information barriers
  • Perform case management and handle alerts




Offers modern, intuitive charts and tables



Makes all information immediately available



Improves flexibility



Eases integration



Reduces time-to-market



Offers pre-developed alerts

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