CMC:Global Control Room

How can you monitor global capital markets activities and maintain compliance oversight?

The pressure to maintain group-wide compliance oversight is increasing. b-next GCR (Global Control Room) provides near-time reporting, graphical display and advanced analysis, plus management of compliance issues group-wide. This vital tool provides a sophisticated, integrated graphical display that aggregates the results of surveillance scenarios with accuracy and at-a-glance convenience.

Main features

CMC:Global Control Room offers the following functionality:

  • Global watch list, restricted list and insider list management
  • Suggestion/approval function for new list entries from local compliance offices
  • Integrated function to manage list entries
  • Suggestion/approval function for new list entries from local compliance offices
  • Automatic check against global transactions
  • Global conflict checking and management of potential conflicts
  • Tracking and control of group-wide crossings of information barriers
  • Local and global alert management
  • Advanced functionality for generating alerts, managing situations and tracking remedial actions
  • Coverage of broad range of business activities:
    Global Watch List Management, Global Restricted List Management, Global Insider List Management, Global Alert Management, Global/Local Information Sharing




Offers modern, intuitive charts and tables



Makes all information immediately available



Improves flexibility



Eases integration



Reduces time-to-market



Offers pre-developed alerts

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Powered by Refinitiv

b-next’s partnership with Refinitiv, formerly the Financial and Risk business of Thomson Reuters, provides clients with unparalleled data capabilities to support trading surveillance.

Data capabilities include:

  • Machine Readable news, which delivers deep historical news archives and leading edge news analytics directly into CMC:Suite to seamlessly support surveillance.
  • Tick History, which offers superior coverage of complete, timely and global microsecond tick data for ongoing surveillance monitoring. Other capabilities include seamless integration of over 400 global cross-asset exchanges.