CMC: Benchmark Fixing

How do you protect yourself against manipulative benchmark fixing?

Scandals such as Libor rate rigging have not only resulted in nine-figure fines for large banks but have also prompted calls for more robust action to counter fraud in capital markets. A new drive towards improved risk management and surveillance capabilities has already begun. The CMC:Benchmark Fixing Surveillance module enables you to respond rapidly to manipulative benchmark fixing and to protect yourself and your business from regulatory sanctions and reputational damage.

Main features

CMC:Benchmark Fixing Surveillance offers the following functionality:

  • Robust surveillance solution for detecting and preventing suspicious rate setting activities
  • Drives adherence to regulatory mandates for price manipulation
  • Automatically identifies many different price fixing scenarios (inside and outside of the fix window)
  • Across multi-asset classes monitoring
  • Delivers transaction and submission based surveillance




Reduces time and cost of managing mandates


Risk Mitigation

Reduces operational risk



Identifies and escalates fraudulent activity promptly, so you can avoid fines and penalties



Protects your firm's competitive position



Makes it easy for you to respond to changing regulatory requirements


5 scenarios

Out of the box

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