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b-next makes its mark on FOW Regulation 2016

In early September, over 200 banks, brokers, buysides and other market participants gathered at the 4th annual FOW Regulation near the world famous Tower of London, to discuss the impact of European regulation.

MAR: Lessons learned

MAR: Lessons learned

Expert panelists including European regulators, solicitors, heads of trading, regulation and compliance, and leading technologists debated topics including Brexit and its impact on the capital markets, as well as algorithmic trading, MiFID II and MAR’s introduction. Adding to the debate, b-next’s Adrian Guest participated in a highly informative panel on MAR – Lessons learned. The panel’s experts reviewed the first three months of the MAR regime, asking how firms are adapting and what they can expect in the future. The role of automated surveillance technology was also highlighted, as the panel discussed solutions to the challenges of MAR.

A moving feast, regulation requires careful planning, constant attention and dedicated resource. As delegates reflect on an informative day of debate and discussion, they will be left in little doubt that regulation is here to stay for the foreseeable future. And while regulatory complexity presents many challenges, the industry has no shortage of expert advice, technology solutions, and support to address them.