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Interview with Andriy Zakharevych, Product Manager at b-next: Innovating the Compliance Landscape

Interested in getting to know more about b-next’s leading role in developing innovative solutions for the compliance landscape? We had the opportunity to interview Andriy Zakharevych, Product Manager at b-next, who shares insights into the unique benefits of their products and how they address the challenges of today’s compliance landscape.

Hello Andriy, what added value do b-next’s products offer compared to other solutions on the market, particularly in terms of increasing efficiency and minimizing risk?

“Our products are designed to provide clear value to our clients. One of the key ways we achieve this is through a platform approach enriched by multi-tenant capability. This enables our clients to stay ahead of emerging risks and regulatory requirements, using the same set of applications and reducing the cost of running the application. Another aspect that sets us apart is configurability. We understand that every organization has unique needs and challenges, even within the same legal framework, which is why our solutions are highly configurable. This allows our clients to tailor the software to their specific requirements, increasing efficiency and minimizing risk. Additionally, our products offer unparalleled regulatory expertise. Our team includes industry experts with deep knowledge of financial regulations, as well as energy and commodity markets, reflected in our solutions designed to ensure compliance with even the most complex regulatory requirements.”

What challenges do you see in today’s compliance landscape and how does b-next address these challenges with its products?

“The compliance landscape continues to face persistent challenges, becoming more complex and stringent from a regulatory perspective each year, involving new and larger volumes of data. One major challenge is the increasing regulatory complexity, where organizations are pressured to ensure compliance across multiple jurisdictions and regulatory regimes. Cross-border compliance poses another challenge for organizations operating internationally. b-next addresses these challenges through our multi-tenant approach and Global Control Room function, facilitating compliance across jurisdictions, coupled with our high configurability to adapt to regulatory regimes. Organizations struggle to manage and analyze vast amounts of data from various sources effectively. Our standardized interfacing and APIs for diverse data types enable customers to focus on business tasks. Additionally, our out-of-the-box analytics functions, combined with integrated Business Intelligence tools, transform data into actionable insights.”

What role does customer feedback play in your work and in the further development of b-next’s products, and how is this feedback used to optimally fulfill the needs of users?

“We recognize that our clients are at the core of our operations. Therefore, customer feedback plays a crucial role in enhancing our products. We actively seek feedback through surveys, user groups, and direct communication channels, utilizing this input to identify areas for improvement and prioritize development efforts. Our agile development methodology enables rapid iteration based on customer feedback and changing market dynamics, ensuring responsiveness to our clients’ needs. Collaboration and partnership are fundamental principles guiding our product development approach. We foster collaborative relationships with our clients, engaging in ongoing dialogue to co-create solutions that deliver maximum value.”