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Interview with Wolfgang Fabisch, CEO of b-next

Meet Wolfgang Fabisch, the CEO of b-next, and gain exclusive insights into the vision and future of b-next. In this captivating interview, Mr. Fabisch discusses our company’s remarkable journey, the developments in the compliance industry, and what sets b-next apart from other market players.

What is your vision for b-next? Where do you see b-next in 5-10 years?

We began as absolute no-names and have relentlessly charted our course forward ever since. Today, we stand as a significant player in our market segments of Trade Surveillance and Compliance within the financial industry.

This journey will continue. We aim to expand into new regions, explore adjacent markets such as the energy sector, and embrace cutting-edge technologies that will provide immense value to our clients. In short, we have a clear roadmap for the next levels of our evolution.

When the time is right, we’ll also actively seek funding to fuel external growth.

What are the relevant developments/trends in Compliance from your perspective, and how is b-next positioned?

A significant wave of automation is undoubtedly on the horizon in the Compliance realm. The level of security our markets require, both today and in the future, cannot be achieved manually.

We see the industry evolving, driven by Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and AI. Market data, news, weather data, KYC data, and more will be converging into new data universes. New insights won’t just be discovered; they’ll be harnessed for practical use. Our data will become knowledge and profit enablers for our users.

With decades of experience and expertise in the financial industry, coupled with deep IT knowledge and a knack for creating user-friendly interfaces, we are in the midst of a transformation. We’re well-positioned to provide both security and added value to our customers.

Why should financial sector companies choose CMC:eSuite?

The question should be reframed: “Why wouldn’t a company choose us?” We constantly challenge ourselves with this brutal question, and sometimes the answers can be tough. However, these insights have propelled us forward for decades.

What sets b-next apart from other players in the market?

We’re hungry, ambitious, and productive, yet we maintain fairness both internally and externally. We’re market-oriented team players. This culture is our differentiator and will continue to be.