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b-next Enters Into Global Partnership with Verint

Through this relationship, b-next will offer Verint Speech Analyticswith its CMC:Suite, an integrated compliance platform for capital markets. By combining the solutions, financial services organisations can capture and analyse information from voice calls automatically. Having these capabilities as part of a combined offering will further support b-next customers by helping them adhere to compliance regulations—such as the Dodd-Frank Act—particularly as it relates to searchable and identifiable voice recordings, as well as MiFID II Level 1 regulations and legislation in the EU for recording telephone conversations and electronic communications.

With the addition of Verint’s Speech Analytics software, CMC:Suite’s advanced surveillance functionality will help banks, brokers, exchanges, and buy-side market participants search and analyse voice call recordings by time frame, trader, counterparty and trader desk. This new capability is b-next’s response to the increased demand for trading and communications surveillance analytics—especially as regulators across the globe align capital markets mandates and rules, and increase financial and criminal penalties.

Recent Libor and FX benchmark price manipulation occurrences and high-profile insider trading have contributed to a loss of confidence in investor relations where capital markets are concerned, as well as challenges related to the reputations of the banks involved. This has highlighted the need for banks, brokers, exchanges, and buy-side market participants to invest in robust trading surveillance and compliance systems to help protect all parties and ensure compliance requirements are met and associated processes are followed.

Notes John Bourne, senior vice president, global channels and alliances, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions, “Verint believes in helping organisations generate actionable intelligence to identify and prevent fraud, mitigate risk, and help ensure compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements. We’re pleased to see b-next’s CMC: Suite benefit from Verint Speech Analytics by helping financial institutions proactively surface security threats and vulnerabilities, reduce risk and fraud, and take investigation capabilities to new heights.”

Wolfgang Fabisch, CEO for b-next, adds, “b-next is continuing to innovate and partner with global industry leaders, such as Verint, to help ensure that our CMC:Suite offering remains at the forefront of trading and communication surveillance technology. Through b-next’s partnership with Verint, we’re able to offer the market enhanced trading and speech analytics capabilities.”