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Interview with Olesja Pauls, Chief Operations Officer

We had the opportunity to speak with Olesja Pauls, Chief Operations Officer at b-next to learn more about the successful integration of remote employees, the unique aspects of our team, and the personal significance of working at b-next.

How does b-next manage to integrate remote workers into the team?

“At b-next, the integration of remote workers into the team is viewed as a pivotal factor in establishing effective and harmonious collaboration. Our company employs a range of proven methods to ensure that this integration is not only successful but also beneficial to both remote and local team members.

First and foremost, clear communication stands as a cornerstone of our approach. The company takes careful measures to define communication channels clearly, granting remote employees equal access to vital information and resources as their local counterparts. In line with this, a suite of tools including emails, chat platforms, video conferencing software, and task/project management systems is harnessed to facilitate fluid and consistent communication.

Furthermore, b-next places emphasis on regular virtual team meetings. These scheduled gatherings serve as a platform for the exchange of updates, the discussion of goals, and the nurturing of collaboration. Beyond the practical benefits, these meetings provide a valuable opportunity for team members to forge personal connections, which in turn bolsters the overarching sense of unity and shared purpose within the team.

Moreover, collecting feedback plays a key role in our approach to integration. By engaging in regular conversations with both remote and local colleagues, we gain a better understanding of the remote team members’ experiences, insights, and suggestions. This feedback loop contributes not only to improving the integration process but also to refining collaboration strategies for enhanced productivity.

The result of these combined efforts is an inclusive and team-oriented work environment where every employee, regardless of their location, feels valued, respected, and well-connected. The cohesive integration approach leads to seamless and efficient collaboration, ultimately contributing to the success of the team’s endeavors.”

What defines your team and what should applicants possess who are interested in a job with you?

“What truly sets our team apart is its array of unique and defining attributes, creating an environment that is both exceptional and unparalleled.

Our team thrives on international diversity, with members from various countries and cultures. Applicants should value intercultural collaboration and diverse perspectives.

Inclusivity is vital, and applicants should respectfully engage with different viewpoints. We prioritize tackling multifaceted challenges, seeking proactive contributors.

Our culture is supportive and familial, making team collaboration crucial. Proficiency in English and adaptability in dynamic settings are prerequisites.

Collaboration and unity are central; those eager to shape a positive team culture are welcome. Initiative, fresh ideas, and responsibility are key, echoing Steve Jobs’ philosophy.

In essence, b-next’s team embodies diversity, passion for challenges, and unity. We value proactive contributors who embrace a collaborative ethos.”

What does working at b-next mean to you?

“Personally, b-next is like my second family. I greatly value the international environment we have at b-next, the growth opportunities people receive, and the exciting topics we work on daily.”

Career Opportunities:

b-next offers an inviting and dynamic work environment that values the diversity and initiative of employees. If you’re interested in engaging with exciting challenges within an international team setting, we warmly invite you to learn more about our career opportunities on our website at