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Ending the age of irresponsibility

The role of software in monitoring market abuse – how can firms monitor market abuse using specialist software solutions and the types of instrument that can be monitored. Example scenarios will also be examined.

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Banks move towards active compliance

Banks are taking a less passive approach and striving to spot wrongdoing early on. As banks re-evaluate the meaning of counterparty and compliance risk, they are striving to spot wrongdoing at the earliest stage rather than monitoring activity at the end of the process with little analysis.

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How can surveillance tools detect forex rigging?

Forex rigging has cost banks dear with regulators issuing multi-billion dollar fines and individual traders facing criminal prosecution. Investor litigation in the wake of manipulation of the foreign exchange markets now threatens to add further to the financial and reputational toll of the scandal. How does such market manipulation take place and what role can surveillance tools play in detecting this illegal behaviour?

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